Macrame shell earrings


Macrame Collection ✨

Over here, high quality macrame is used to make the earrings light in weight also to secure its longevity and durability. Making sure you are investing in a good product.

This time we have tried to made a different earrings. Quite attractive isn’t it? Small hoop connecting a larger hoop depicts how both small and big things are important in life. Also, Shells adds to the bohemian look.
This jewellery and any outfit and BOOM 💥 . Girl you are looking Gorgeous.

These earrings are a unique gift for friends and family.

The thing which separates us from other brands is that all our jewellery on our feed is our own ideas. That’s what makes our jewellery different from other brands. Whenever you buy from us, you are buying something different in the market.

More pieces of jewellery coming out soon. Stay tuned 🌸.



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Macrame shell earrings
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